Virtual TPM – June 2020

June 26th, 2020

Virtual meeting of partners:

Amid lockdown and a the still threat of COVID 19, the No Gender Gap partners have met virtually to further the proyect agenda.

Facing challenges with being able to target an audience whose technical limitations prohibit online meetings presented the biggest challenge at a crucial step of the proyect when multiplier events were meant to be the main actions by all partners.

MOOC in hand and the best of intentions, the partners proceeded to review the action plan and see where and how were the opportunities, given the current situation, and how that may in fact help maximize the impact of the proyect´s intelecual output 1 (IO1), the No Gender Gap MOOC. If the pandemic had taught and stressed something was that online solutions for learning, MOOCS being at the very top of that list, was not just a way forward but was THE way forward in order to continue to offer possible participants a way of staying in touch with their area of interest.

At the date, between all partners, the MOOC already counted 500+ enrolled participants. The objective moving forward was to try and achieve growth of this captive audiencre, who had already demonstrated interest, were already onlin and were engaged.

To this effect, the meeting also touched on polishing the current version of the MOOC at the time and compiling any technical, didactical content and general content oportunities from all language versions of the MOOC in order to promptly act on these and offer an even better, finalized version of the IO1 to the current and future users.

The 3 hour session concluded with the concrete action items:

Set action items for IO2 – METHODOLOGICAL GUIDE – NO GENDER GAP, which will count with contributions from each partner on their assigned section of IO1.

Dissemination strategy and multiplier events: 

For the dissemination strategy it was established that the main medium will be social media and email. Specific channels will be facebook, specifically through the project FB page, and each partner individual newsletter. 

The links used should be the ones directly redirecting to the MOOC for registration. While some efforts could link to the project webpage that provides the MOOC link to users. 

The Netherlands partner –  ILA, provided a press release for all partners and will provide several copy statements in english, for 5 individual posts containing the individual link to each partner language version of the MOOC. These posts can then be shared from the group by the partners (specifically the ones with the link to the MOOC in their language), onto their social media channels, and, if necessary, extracted to other channels they might deem viable to gain registrations. 

Having agreed on these items, the meeting session was declared closed. While lacking the possibility of having been able to see each other, the bases set by the previous meetings and the strong partner relationships fostered in them, had laid the groundwork for a continued digital colaboration which continue to be fruitful.

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